Карта guardians trail

Описание: Note: Enemy Civilians highly recommended!
Welcome to Guardian’s Trail. A secluded UEF long ranged artillery support facility. Teleported into one of its many outer gardens, you’ll be faced with decision: Will you fight your opponents and take the mass rich inner gardens for yourself? Or will you challenge the fortress’s defences in order to gain the ultimate prize at it’s heart: A Mavor heavy artillery gun. Destroy it for mass or claim it to annihilate your opponents, the choice is yours.

v0002: Fixed AI. Tweaked Mavor defences slightly. Replaced outer barrier with destructible walls to allow more navy action.
v0003: Tweaked sea level so ships should have an easier time hitting things. Added / Tweaked AI markers. Added a few more capturable artillery pieces. Changed inner defenses so its harder for the Mavor to be destroyed on accident. Added 4 mexes in middle to make it more appealing and for games without civilians. Changed several terrain heights so turrets are more effective.
v0004-v0006 failed attempts at fixing incorrect autoteams.
v0007: Changed quad T2 civilian arty in each side of the garden to T3 ground arty(This should prevent the Mavor’s defences from being auto targeted on accident (And making much suspicious noise)). Added an enemy civ T1 radar to each SAM, this should make them target transports more reliably. Removed outer walls entirely so Navy can still have some uses as early as T1. Fixed a broken Mex.
v0008: Removed duplicate unit.
v0009: Fixed plenty of broken slopes.
v0010 Raised water level very slightly to allow more T1 Naval Action. Reduced length of base back walls to ease Naval traffic. Fixed a few graphical LOD glitches (It caused the ring portion to erronously appear underwater).
v0011 Removed naval markers to demotivate the AI for wasting so much on Navy.

Количество игроков: 8

Размер: 20 x 20 км.

Версия: 11

Скачать: ссылка

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